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Discover the UK's Top 10 Retailers by annual turnover, data also includes sales, sales area, average store size an...
Find out how tech & connectivity have drastically altered the customer journey and what that means for retailers &...
Our report looks at the impact of Covid-19 on retail supply chains & on international trade, investment & economic...
Find out why brands like Nike, Adidas, Samsung & Dyson are going Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) in the world of retail &...
This report looks at the challenges facing UK retail in 2021 from Covid-19 & the structural changes unfolding aroun...
Over a year into the crisis and the lasting effects of Covid-19 have impacted the UK retail industry beyond return...
Discover our Covid-19 Retail Timeline and see how retailers & brands are responding to the unfolding crisis as jobs...
Find out just how big Amazon is compared to other UK retailers in 2021 using market value as a metric? You will pro...
Discover our monthly analysis of UK retail sales, sales growth by category YoY, online sales, sales by region (£m)...
Retail insight
Discover our top ten facts & stats for the UK retail industry. Total value of UK retail sales, employment, online...
Discover our monthly analysis of UK online retail sales, market size estimates, forecasts, sales growth by categor...
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Retail sales soared 22.3% Y-o-Y in May against an 8.7% decline during the first lockdown a year earlier (ONS)....

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Latest UK Retail Statistics

UK Retail Sales

November 2043

Retail Economics Retail Sales Index: 1.8%
ONS Retail Sales Index Value (NSA): 4.2%

UK Retail Inflation

November 2043

Consumer Price Index: 3%
Retail Price Index: 4%
VIEW UK Retail Inflation REPORT

UK Consumer

Q1 2022

GDP Q-on-Q: -2.2%
Consumer Spending Q-on-Q: -2.9%