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How our Thought Leadership works

Showcase your credibility and expertise and be a thought leader in your field

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Want to be seen as a thought leader in your field?

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Learn more about our trusted 5 step thought leadership process

Ideation Say something new and insightful
  • We take our time and pay close attention to understanding the vision from key internal stakeholders.
  • We focus on understanding your motivations and will present ideas that will deliver on your objectives.
  • We will typically present two or three core concepts that will position you as industry thought leaders.
Generation Research. Data. Insight
  • At this stage we draw upon our extensive experience to generate a unique view which adds industry value.
  • We use our modelling expertise for deep insight mining.
  • We can conduct rigorous consumer panel research to accurately gauge sentiments.
  • All these activities enable us to develop a headline-winning narrative to deliver against your strategy, purpose and positioning in your industry
Collateral Interpreting your data to extract unique insights
  • This stage involves the creation of a beautifully designed report in your house style if required, involving a collaborative and iterative process integrating feedback and ideas.
  • Get maximum engagement with the use of digital content. We can produce video content, infographics, podcasts, GIFs and data visualisation.
  • Benefit from directing the most appropriate content to activate the campaign across multiple channels.
Activation Communicating the research effectively to your audience
  • Our coordinated media communication strategy enable us to work together to gain maximum reach through key media channels, using multiple platforms, through a variety of content mediums.
  • This included a joint press release to our targeted retail correspondent contacts list, one-to-one journalist briefing support, social media activity and potential exclusives with media outlets.
  • Benefit from directing the most appropriate content to activate the campaign across multiple channels.
Influence Engage your audience with digital content
  • Building on our communication strategy, we can also increase influence by organising events, presenting research findings, securing keynote speakers and hosting panel sessions.
  • We can provide videography for events, repurposing this content for additional social media engagement.
  • Towards the end of the project, we can assess the campaign’s success and suggest further actions.
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Wondering what thought leadership research you can do?

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Still need convincing?

Here are ten good reasons why you should be conducting thought leadership research with us…

1. For better positioning

Be in a better position to engage business leaders for winning new business, securing existing clients and re-engaging previous clients.

2. Create winning content

Publishing original thought leadership research is excellent content if you are developing a flagship piece of work to showcase your company.

3. Be original

The industry is full of echoed research. Conducting original research is a proven way to discover new insights.

4. Be seen to push boundaries

You need to say something new that pushes industry boundaries and explores new ways of thinking and being fills knowledge gaps.

5. Fill knowledge gaps

Identifying gaps in industry knowledge and filling it is a sure way of positioning yourself as a thought leader and expert in that area. Grasp these opportunities.

6. Enhance your business proposition

Being a thought leader provides a proven track record for original thinking – a huge plus when attempting to win business and impress clients.

7. Develop niche expertise

Identifying a niche in the market to develop expertise can easily make you the ‘go-to’ company if you capitalise on these opportunities.

8. Command authority

Being recognised as an authority in a particular field does wonders for your credibility and engenders trust when attempting to strengthen your brand.

9. Be a leader, not a follower

Are you a sheep or do you lead the sheep? Many companies play it too safe and limit growth potential. Thinking outside the box communicates to others that you are confident, self-assured and are willing to lead.

10. Increase brand exposure

Media commentators are always looking for engaging headlines. Choose a hot research topic, get the work done and grab column inches to help increase brand exposure.

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